Friday, August 14, 2009

missing a step

missionary. side-by-side. no reverse cowboy for you, girl. gravity's a bitch and you need all the help you can get. as you prop your bum up and stare at your toes suspended in midair, you ask yourself the question:

amidst all this baby dancing, am i missing a step?

"maybe you're not doing it right", your callous friends joke. wanna give me a lesson, you internally cry. but the joke's still on you.

whatever happened to the days when sex was just sex? now it's this position, this lube. orgasm NOW. what was once so blissfully simple is now a formula more complicated then the Pythagorean theorem.

and yet, you follow your prescribed equation and dance on into the night...


  1. Hi - just visiting to send you a welcome from LFCA. Sending you much luck with your journey.

  2. Hello!

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  3. Just wanted to say I really love your post. I think it's perfectly stated and I can completely understand. I am going to start my first IVF cycle in Feb and often wonder is it infertility I have or am I just missing a step in the baby dance. Sometimes i don't know if I am just not getting something that everyone else that seems to be able to pop out a baby is getting. Good luck to you, I realize it's been a while since you wrote but I would love to know where you are on your journey. Drop me a line when you come back to the blogosphere. :)